5 Strange Details About Psychology Clinic

As part of this training, we provide professional psychological services to the community, including assessments and therapeutic interventions for children, adults, couples and families. What services are provided at the Psychology Clinic? Services are provided by intern clinical psychologists from the JCUS Master of Psychology (Clinical) programme. Services offered by the clinic are conducted in accordance with the professional and ethical codes of practice of the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) and the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Services are offered to both children (ages 0 to 17) and adults (18 years old and above). Following this they may be offered the opportunity to continue receiving services through telepsychology methods. The clinic also provides psychological assessments for children (e.g., special education school application) and adults except for the following cases – dyslexia, access arrangements or accommodations for exams, medical, insurance, or legal purposes. We serve all ages (children, adolescents, and adults) and provide individual, family, group therapy, and couples counseling. Capital Psychology Clinic has relocated to its wonderful new purpose built practice in Garran, with more space and a group therapy room. The waitlist for OCD group is open. The standard rate for assessment is $300 (all inclusive). The hourly rate for therapy is $25. Evidence-based interventions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are used to guide treatment. I have conducted multiple Randomized Controlled Trials for the treatment of mood disorders and related conditions using CBT, IPT, and IPSRT. Treatment procedures are chosen on the basis of clinical judgement and expertise as well as current research evidence. The clinic executive will conduct a brief screening to find out more about the client’s concerns, as well as to assess the suitability of the clinic to provide services to the client. JCUS Psychology Clinic offers confidential clinical psychology services to JCUS students, کلیک کنید as well as the public. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, اطلاعات بیشتر quality mental health services at low cost through our sliding-scale fees. Fees range from $30 – $150 an hour. We also provide a range of other therapies, drawing on different models, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion-Focused Therapy or an integrative approach tailored to client’s needs.

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